My Learning Style


Each student in my class was given a test to give a rough idea on what each person’s learning style is. The three results that a person could get were Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. According to the test, I am a kinaesthetic learner. This means that I generally learn through action rather than listening or seeing something. Generally this would involve, touching, feeling, holding and developing muscle memory for something. The best way to teach me would be letting me do tasks and experiment with various approaches while only giving rough guidelines rather than in-depth instructions. If it’s a task that doesn’t involve much physical action, it would be good to introduce some kind of physical analogue to appeal to my learning style. Even sitting in a class I could stimulate myself through fidgeting, which has been shown to help concentration.


Areas I’m good at in terms of learning would be literacy, digital skills/computers and creativity. I like to believe that my English skills are above par, as I like to read almost every day, whether that be books, articles or messages. I am also a fast reader. I am well-adjusted to using computers, I can use the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere) fairly well, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel etc.), and my typing speed is fast, between 70 – 80 wpm (Words Per Minute). Finally, I would view myself as a creative person. I shoot and edit videos, write a variety of things on a daily basis, and often pitch ideas for whatever we may be doing in college.

To-Do List Be Better Words Dry Erase Board

I would definitely have to improve my ability to concentrate, as well as teamwork and numeracy skills. I procrastinate, often to an extreme degree that leaves me doing an immense amount of work about an hour or two before it’s due, or maybe even at the literal last minute in the worst of cases. This is often tied to my interest in a particular subject, so a good fix for this would be to discipline myself, whether that be through concentration techniques such as meditation/mindfulness, or through the use of efficient time management to schedule important things I have to get done. When it comes to working as part of a team, I have improved considerably over the years, getting over a large amount of social anxiety. However, there is room to improve and I can definitely be more assertive, communicate more effectively, and delegate responsibility to other members of the group in order to actually function as a team. And last but not least, I can definitely improve my numeracy skills as I have forgotten a large amount of mathematics that was thought to me during my years in secondary education.

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Digital Media Learning Outcome 5 – Music

In this rather short learning outcome we learned about how music has changed in the digital age, and just how easy it is to access it now.

For example, music can be streamed over a variety of different mediums such as Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube, but these are only some of the most popular ones and plenty more exist out in the wilds of the Internet. Here’s an example playlist I made to demonstrate how one could gather their music together on YouTube:

The music itself comes in a few different digital formats, mainly WAV and MP3 files. MP3s generally tend to be compressed in order to save space, and allow a much larger amount of music to be stored on a limited hard drive. The problem with this, of course, is that the quality tends to suffer, especially if the music uses a lot of extreme frequencies, as trebly highs and bass-filled lows tend to get cut out altogether. WAVs, on the other hand, take up much more space than MP3s but tend to stay a lot more true to how the artist envisioned people hearing their music.