Types Of Lenses Used In Photography

The art of photography requires you to use many kinds of lenses in order to bend light in just the right way to achieve the look that you are… looking for in a photograph. I’ll be looking at three very widely used lenses that each have very different and specialised purposes that I learned about in the last few days. These are:

1. Wide-Angle


The wide-angle lens is used to take pictures of things ranging from beautiful views of breathe-taking natural landscapes to rooms of a house that the photographer wants to sell. As the name suggests, it allows much more of a scene to be included in one picture than with a regular lens, due to the large angle that’s involved.


(Image Sources For Photograph and Lens)

2. Macro


A macro lens allows a photographer to take pictures of very small objects, as well as to take close-ups of larger things. It generally results in a crisp, sharp image of a small area of the photograph, and then increasing blurriness as one moves to the edges.


(Image Sources For Photograph and Lens)

3. Fisheye


Fisheye lenses produce a very odd kind of photograph. While most photographs are some form of rectangle, these are circular, as well as having an extremely wide-angle view and featuring a large amount of distortion. They are generally used for documentaries where the photographer sneaks into a place in order to expose some kind of controversy, as they are trying to get as much footage as possible in a short amount of time.


(Image Sources For Photograph and Lens)

4. Telephoto


Finally, we come to the telephoto lens. As a child, I always wondered how nature photographers managed to get so incredibly close to dangerous wild animals. The answer is this lens. They are usually very large, sometimes being as large as telescopes, in order to be able to produce a massive amount of zoom without losing any kind of image fidelity.


(Image Sources For Photograph and Lens)

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