Poster Design

I designed a poster for a competition hosted by The goal was to create a poster that was based on the theme “Why do some young people use drugs” or “What impact does alcohol have on relationships”.

I’m quite a fan of silhouettes and minimalism in art, such as this:


And this:


I like how these posters portray the theme of the movie in as little wording and imagery as possible, which is what I decided to concentrate on while creating this.

I decided to go for the second theme, as this was easier to represent with a visual medium. Firstly, three mock-ups were created (two of which are minimalist):

The “Pissed” concept appealed to me the most, both with the combination of minimalism and photorealistic elements. Minimalism is an easy style to pull-off. Trying to make something that looks realistic, with a lot of photographs, would be hard to make cohesive and professional in terms of looks, at least at my skill level.

However, in order to proceed, I needed to redact the rather offensive word that I had chosen with something that had similar connotations but expressed in a more PG way. I decided to go with “Locked”, as this is a common word in Ireland that means “to be drunk”. In order to get an interesting double meaning however, I got the same man in a bottle, but placed bars over it to imply that he was trapped in his vice. After a few additional touches, I was now ready to submit a quality finished product, as seen below:


Image Sources:

Forrest Gump

Lion King45d77f8ab428c019da88fad5dc4300e3.jpg


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