Graphic Design Learning Outcome 9

Today I designed a logo loosely following the tutorial here, on the Adobe website. I used Adobe Illustrator to create it. It wasn’t too difficult to make as the tutorial gave me a pretty comprehensive understanding of most of the tools that I used in the creation of my own logo:


First off, I placed a picture of a pizza I found on the web into the corner of my artboard so I used the Polygon tool to create a few triangles (a window pops up asking how many sides you want your shape to have). I followed this up with the Rectangle tool to create the middle of the crust. I placed all of these shapes to create the basic layout of the slice. I added some pepperoni using the Ellipse tool, holding down Shift to ensure that the shape ended up being a circle. To get colour, I went to the colour swatches and selected a few appropriate colours. I kept it simple in this rather minimalistic design with 6 colours in total. I then made two rectangles once again, making one red, which I sent to the very back as the background, and one I gave a specific pattern which creates the halo effect around the pizza. I finished up with the Text tool to add the company name and slogan.

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