The 40 Year Anniversary Of The Community Training Centre Project

On the 6th of March, 2017, the Community Training Centre project celebrated their 40th anniversary of offering early school leavers a chance to continue their education. To commemorate this milestone, all 35 CTCs from across Ireland met at the Printworks Room in Dublin Castle on the aforementioned day, starting at 10:30AM. It was a momentous occasion, with many people who were involved in the project speaking in front of the massive crowd that had gathered, including the Chairperson of IACTO ( the organisation that presides over the CTCs), Guss O’Connell, and even the Minister of Education himself, Richard Bruton.

Version 2

Guss O’Connell giving a rousing speech on his experiences pertaining to the CTC project.


Richard Bruton congratulating the other orators on the successes of community training centres in Ireland.

After an hour of speeches, all of the centres that had set up stalls could finally show off their achievements over the years. Each stall was staffed by the manager, a few teachers, and hand-picked students.

A few pictures of what the centres had to offer us.

All in all, it showed everyone present that education, even when done outside of the mainstream system, is still vital to giving people an excellent foundation to build on in life. Here’s to another 40 years!


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