Digital Media Learning Outcome 5 – Music

In this rather short learning outcome we learned about how music has changed in the digital age, and just how easy it is to access it now.

For example, music can be streamed over a variety of different mediums such as Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube, but these are only some of the most popular ones and plenty more exist out in the wilds of the Internet. Here’s an example playlist I made to demonstrate how one could gather their music together on YouTube:

The music itself comes in a few different digital formats, mainly WAV and MP3 files. MP3s generally tend to be compressed in order to save space, and allow a much larger amount of music to be stored on a limited hard drive. The problem with this, of course, is that the quality tends to suffer, especially if the music uses a lot of extreme frequencies, as trebly highs and bass-filled lows tend to get cut out altogether. WAVs, on the other hand, take up much more space than MP3s but tend to stay a lot more true to how the artist envisioned people hearing their music.




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