Personal Effectiveness Learning Outcome 1

In this module of Personal Effectiveness, we learned about the importance of time management, communication, and assertiveness, and how we apply each of these in our every day-to-day life.

Even before I wake up, I can already use time management effectively by planning my morning routines (varying by day, depending on what I’m doing later). Planning exactly when I’ll be up, along with things I’ll be doing and how long they’ll take, will maximise my efficiency and put a bright starting spin to my day, as well as helping me to not be late for any engagements I might have later on.

In my school life, I can apply effective communication and assertiveness techniques to any dialogue I might have. For example, if I feel that I don’t have enough time/resources to complete a task, I can assertively request more of these things through calm communication of exactly why I might need them.

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