Safe Working Environment

As part of our Workplace Safety module, we were tasked with imagining that we run our own company in ten years. We were offered free reign when it came to choosing what kind of company it is and its location. I went with a newspaper company based in Dublin City. As the manager of this hypothetical business, one of my main responsibilities is, of course, to maintain high standards of safety for all of my employees. The main point of this exercise is to come up with ten ways that I could incorporate and maintain said standards. The list I came up with is as follows:

  1. Craft a Safety Statement compliant with all current legislation that’s openly available for perusal by everyone who it affects.
  2. Make sure all employees are introduced to the Safety Officer and Safety Representative.
  3. Provide wrist rests and ergonomic chairs to all employees working with computers for extended periods of time.
  4. Make sure that all exposed, moving parts of the printing presses are clearly labelled as hazards.
  5. Brief all employees in their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace safety.
  6. Have a comprehensive evacuation procedure in case of any conceivable emergency that everyone in the building is aware of.
  7. Regularly maintain all equipment relating to emergency situations, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers etc.
  8. Schedule fire drills monthly at the very least.
  9. Clearly identify every fire exit in the building.
  10. Enforce rules pertaining to keeping said exits clear at all times.

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