Learning Outcome 4 – Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production Stages

Furiously fast, a parody movie about cars that goes furiously fast
2 lost brothers get together after a long time, you can see the expression in their faces giving a surreal emotional feel, then one dies in a car crash

hugo boss exterior copy.jpg
Scene 1;

Interior: inside an American mall at black Friday
Character 1 and his mother and brother, are walking through a Hugo boss
Brother aged 5 asks his younger brother character 1 if he’d like to play hide and seek, “ Want to play hide and seek”
The younger brother says with a bit of worry in his face as he sees his mother is not looking at them “okay”




Scene 2:

One of them hides in the coat racks, he can hear his brother counting down from twenty, you see the coats almost absorb him, the wind blows around and the kid seems dazed, the scene cuts to black and some text appear that says twenty years later, the scene cuts back to the coat rack and a 24 year old man falls out of the coat rack.

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